Yes, it really can be that simple. 

Ever choice we make at Zimt puts the wellbeing of our customers, our community, and our environment first. At Zimt, we boldly believe that doing doing good for the planet and for our community does not come at the cost of running a successful business, but rather that our business can be all the more successful for it as we Spread the Love and continue to make Plätzchen with a Purpose! 

Benjamin Franklin said "Never leave that till tomorrow, what you can do today." So join us in our mission to be better, today! 10% of all profits are donated annually to fight for environmental justice. We also partner with various nonprofits throughout the year to donate proceeds from our holiday themed cookies. Learn more below!

Learn more about our Net Zero Carbon pledge, and carbon related initiatives and goals! We have very big exciting plans for this little bakery that could.

Learn more about the companies we source our ingredients, materials, and equipment from that have the same purpose driven mission that Zimt has, to live within our means and conserve resources!

Learn more about how we are giving back to our community--locally and globally! Thanks to your purchases and donations, we are able to give back with freshly made baked goods for our local community, and monetary donations of our own through profit sharing and proceed donations for various occasions year round.