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We believe that doing good for the planet and for our community does not conflict with running a successful business. Every choice we make at Zimt puts the wellbeing of our world first. It’s our way of spreading even more love than our delicious cookies already do. 

Our Carbon Pledge

Our bakery is proud to be a carbon neutral business. We have calculated our carbon footprint with Cool Climate Calculator and found that thanks to a variety of sustainability initiatives already in place, our footprint is 53% smaller than that of comparable bakery businesses in the US. To bring us to carbon neutral business wide, we pledge to offset our footprint annually in the first quarter of every year. Follow #zimtnetzero for more! 

Carbon Reduction Initiatives

We reduce our footprint first and foremost to avoid emissions in the first place, and then offset the remainder. Just a few of our initiatives to reduce our footprint include: 

  • Local sourcing of ingredients direct from farmers including flour, butter, eggs, and produce for our jams and spreads. This reduces our own driving miles to combine errands, as well as the miles our ingredients travel to make it to our kitchen.

  • Composting kitchen waste like eggshells, fruit scraps, and parchment paperused in production

  • Donation of recipe development and practice bakes to avoid food waste and do a little extra good while we're at it!

Straight From the Source

Zimt stands for more than just its baked goods. Not only are our ingredients of the highest quality, they are also sourced responsibly. We proudly source everything from ingredients to packaging to kitchen equipment from companies that are dedicated to sustainability and equity, locally sourcing wherever possible. We are dedicated to reducing waste from start to finish by using fully compostable or recyclable packaging, including shipping supplies.


Our quality standards are ridiculously high to ensure you are getting the cleanest, best tasting, and most responsibly sourced product we can possibly make for you. Why set the bar so high? Because all this hard work we do to do our best means your purchase truly makes a statement and takes a stand against climate change.


Every component matters, not just our cookies themselves. We ensure that all the parts and pieces are doing their part to show that fully compostable, recyclable, plastic free packaging is absolutely possible and should be the norm. Shipments are carbon neutral as well, so from farm to your doorstep our impact is truly minimized.

Crystal Clear

We strive for the best, but while we polish and perfect our business, we want to be clear about where we stand currently. Zimt pledges full transparency from what is in your Plätzchen, where the ingredients and packaging materials come from, and where they go once your goodies have all been enjoyed. That is why each box includes a sustainability label showing all of this and more!

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