A traditional German holiday treat, with roots in Oma’s recipes, taking a bite of one of our delicate Plätzchen takes you on a trip through time. From our traditional holiday boxes to our modern seasonal hearts, you can taste the love that has been poured into these little delicacies for generations. Our seasonal flavors are a modern take on Plätzchen and an homage to our German-American roots, making them fit for any occasion year round and incorporating some fun cross-cultural favorite flavors. And better yet, we offset our carbon and donate proceeds while we're at it. So what are you waiting for? Let’s spread some love! 


Zimt stands for more than just its baked goods. We know that food brings people together, and want to elevate that experience by lovingly crafting each of our Plätzchen by hand with the best ingredients. We proudly source everything from ingredients to packaging to kitchen equipment from companies that are dedicated to sustainability and equity. For more on companies and certification labels we source from, please see our Responsible Sourcing page.


At Zimt we want to leave the world a better place than we found it. For these reasons, a total of 10% of all profits are being donated to fight against climate change, and for environmental and racial justice through the East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice, serving disadvantaged communities in our home region of Los Angeles and Orange Counties.


It all started in California, where I grew up, baking Plätzchen at Christmastime with my mom, standing on a stool so that I could reach the counter top. The smell of warm spices filled my nose and warmed my soul, as I felt the buttery cookie dough between my little fingers. My curiosity had been sparked, and it did not take long for that fire inside to start to burn. I couldn't get enough baking books and supplies for my birthday. By the time I reached high school I had started daring to make my own changes to recipes from favorite blogs and magazines, and take ownership of recipes that I developed. Naturally, most everything included my favorite spice of all: Zimt!


But the bar I always strive to reach is that set by my Oma Doris. I remember admiring my Oma’s amazing cakes every time we visited her in Stuttgart, not to mention her assortment of about 20 beautiful, unique, lovingly crafted Guadsle, that she managed to mail to the States every year for the holidays. After her passing, I turned to baking from her recipes that I inherited. Those handwritten recipes are a connection to her wisdom and soul that I cherish beyond words. Deciphering her shorthand and sometimes incomplete notes was a challenge that pushed me to discover for myself over many tries how to get the taste just right, and trust my baker’s instinct. I am thrilled to present the lineup of Zimt Guadsle for the traditional holiday baking, and my own mash up of modern flavors in our seasonal line up of Plätzchen. And we are always inventing more!


Baking has always brought me great joy, but the chance to take what Oma Doris left me and continue building on that, exploring new flavors and bakes is a truly special way to spread the love! 

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