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Zimt was born out of the #BakersAgainstRacism social movement of 2020 that called bakers far and wide to raise money for global social justice causes. Using treasured recipes handed down from her Oma Doris through four generations, our Baker-in-Chief, Alina realized her calling to continue to spread love and positive change through baking. This intersection of purpose—raising money for causes that matter, loving the earth and all of its bounty, and taking inspiration from German tradition—is baked into the heart of everything we do at Zimt.

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Plätzchen (pl.aet.syen)

Buttery smooth, delightfully soft, traditional German holiday cookies. Made with only the highest quality ingredients, you can taste the love in every bite. Our seasonal flavors are a modern take on traditional Plätzchen while paying homage to our German-American roots. Our menu is hyper-seasonal, with monthly new, limited-edition, cross-cultural flavors designed to celebrate the goodness in every season. If you're looking for something unique, we also happily make custom Plätzchen for special events.
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Hallo, Nice to Meet You! 

It all started in California baking Plätzchen at Christmas time with my family, standing on a stool so that I could reach the counter top. The smell of warm spices filled my nose and warmed my soul as I felt the buttery cookie dough between my little fingers. Inspired by those memories, and by the cherished, handwritten recipes inherited from my Oma Doris, I was soon developing recipes of my own. Naturally, most everything included my favorite spice of all: cinnamon, or Zimt in German.


Baking has always brought me great joy. The chance to continue building family recipes and exploring new flavors and methods through my own small business, is a truly special way for me to give back and spread love.


- Alina  |  Baker in Chief

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