Spring Fling

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Infused with fruity and floral flavors, these make the perfect gift for celebrating Mother’s Day and beyond! Dig in to delectably soft sandwich cookies bursting with fresh flavors.

Available by the dozen. Each cookie measures about 2" across.
Each dozen contain six of each of the following flavors:

Orange Lavender Plätzchen
lavender infused cookie • orange fruit spread • orange blossom glaze • orange zest sprinkle

Strawberry Rose Plätzchen
rose infused cookie • strawberry fruit spread • strawberry rose glaze • rose petal sprinkle

This is a carbon neutral product.

Ingredients Flour1,4 (Wheat Flour), Cane Sugar1,3, Butter1,2,4, Egg1,2,4, Orange1, Strawberry1,  Powdered Sugar1, Lemon Juice1, Strawberry Powder, Lavender Flower1, Salt, Orange Zest1, Orange Blossom, Rose Water, Rose Petal, Baking Powder (Corn Starch, Monocalcium Phosphate Sodium Bicarbonate).

1Organic 2Pasture Raised 3Fair Trade 4Local to Midwest

contains: milk, egg, wheat

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