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delightfully fragrant, with locally sourced tea!
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Infused with custom tea blends from our fellow Chicago business, Merz Apothecary, these buttery soft sandwich Plätzchen are sure to delight with their full, bold flavors. With a duet of flighty floral yet grounded earthy flavors, these go well with any tea or coffee morning noon or night!

Available by the dozen. Each cookie measures about 2" across.
Each dozen contain six of each of the following flavors:

Floral Grey Plätzchen
earl grey infused cookie • orange fruit spread • lavender glaze • earl grey lavender sprinkle

Citri-biscus Plätzchen
hibiscus infused cookie • orange fruit spread • lemon hibiscus glaze • orange zest sprinkle

This is a carbon neutral product.

Ingredients Flour1,4 (Wheat Flour), Cane Sugar1,3, Butter1,2,4, Egg1,2,4, Orange1, Powdered Sugar1, Lemon Juice1, Hibiscus Flower, Earl Grey Tea, Lavender Flower1, Salt, Orange Zest1, Lemon Zest, Baking Powder (Corn Starch, Monocalcium Phosphate Sodium Bicarbonate), Cardamom1.

1Organic 2Pasture Raised 3Fair Trade 4Local to Midwest

contains: milk, egg, wheat

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