Tart Cranberry Spread

tart and tangy, perfect for your Thanksgiving meal!
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Tart and tangy, this cranberry sauce is the perfect compliment to your Thanksgiving meal or any delicious roast, as well as with your breakfast toast or blended into your morning smoothie for a kick of antioxidants. With subtle sweetness and just a touch of spice, this spread is as full bodied and complex as it is delicious.

Available in 8 oz jars.

Tart Cranberry Spread
tart midwestern cranberry • orange • fair trade fall spices • brown sugar

This is a carbon neutral product.

ingredients Cranberry3 (70%), Cane Sugar1,2, Orange Juice1, Molasses1,2, Orange Zest1, Spices1,2.

1Organic 2Fair Trade 3Local to Midwest

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