Mexican Hot Chocolate

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smooth rich chocolate, sweet and spicy finish
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These beautiful stamped cookies fill your senses with velvety chocolate, and playful notes of cinnamon and chili. A sprinkling of delightfully spiced chili sugar gives the cookie a nice crunchy finish, leaving your tongue tickling for another bite.

Individually packaged. Each medallion measures about 3" across.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Plätzchen
rich chocolate cookie • spiced chili sugar

This is a carbon neutral product.

Ingredients Flour1 (wheat flour), Cane Sugar1,3, Butter1,2,4, Egg1,2,4, Cocoa Powder1,3, Molasses1,3, Spices1,3, Salt, Chipotle Powder, Vanilla1, Baking Powder (corn starch, monocalcium phosphate sodium bicarbonate), Almond Extract1.

1Organic 2Pasture Raised 3Fair Trade 4Local to Midwest

contains: milk, egg, wheat, almond

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