Fall Favorites

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get a jump on Fall with these fresh, spicy bites!
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Bursting with your favorite Fall flavors, these Plätzchen are sure to delight the senses. Our signature buttery soft cookies crafted with the season's best offerings, complimented with house made fillings featuring locally sourced and organic fruits of the season, and a host of warm, comforting spices.

Available as a 4-pack or by the dozen (kraft box). Each cookie measures about 2" across.

Cranberry Plätzchen
cranberry cookie • spiced cranberry spread • cranberry orange glaze • dried cranberry sprinkle

Pumpkin Plätzchen
pumpkin cookie • pumpkin butter spread • pumpkin spice glaze • cinnamon cookie streusel

This is a carbon neutral product.

Ingredients Flour1,4 (Wheat Flour), Cane Sugar1,3, Butter1,2,4, Egg1,2,4, Cranberry1,4, Pumpkin4, Dried Cranberry1(Cranberries, Sugar), Spices1,3, Salt, Orange Zest1, Baking Powder (Corn Starch, Monocalcium Phosphate Sodium Bicarbonate).

1Organic 2Pasture Raised 3Fair Trade 4Local to Midwest
contains: milk, egg, wheat

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