Classic Quartet

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Our original flavors are a great way to celebrate special occasions year round. Spread the love with these delightful little sandwich Plätzchen.

Available by the dozen. Each cookie measures about 2" across.
Each dozen contain three of each of the following flavors:

Chocolate Plätzchen
spiced chocolate cookie - cherry jam - semi sweet chocolate - orange zest

Cinnamon Plätzchen
cinnamon cookie - strawberry jam - citrus glaze - lemon zest

Cardamom Plätzchen
cardamom cookie - apricot jam - citrus glaze - lime zest

Cafe Mocha Plätzchen
espresso cookie - red and blue berry jam - semi sweet chocolate - cinnamon

The Details

Please click on individual cookie pages below for more ingredient and allergen information.
100% compostable packaging.

This is a carbon neutral product.

Made in a home kitchen.
Permit HK22015283 issued by City of Long Beach.

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