Zimt stands for more than just its baked goods. Not only are our ingredients of the highest quality, they are also sourced responsibly. We proudly source everything from ingredients to packaging to kitchen equipment from companies that are dedicated to sustainability and equity, locally sourcing wherever possible. We are dedicated to reducing waste from start to finish by using fully compostable packaging and a host of reusable items in the kitchen. 

Fair Trade Certified

For ingredients we are not able to source locally like spices and chocolate, we look to labels like Fair Trade to ensure equity throughout our final product

Guittard Chocolate

With a resounding commitment to sustainability and equitably sourced and farmed cocoa, Guittard is our chocolatier of choice.

Straus Family Creamery

Dairy products are sourced from this family creamery, where the wellbeing and happiness of cows is number one!

Vital Farms

Eggs are sourced from local sustainable growers where chickens are truly pasture raised. We love seeing which flock our latest dozen came from!


We ship through Sendle, which means 100% carbon neutral shipping through their partnership with South Pole to fund conservation efforts.

If You Care

100% compostable packaging is sourced from If You Care, which has a host of sustainability focused certification labels including FSC and BPI.


Our labels and marketing materials are printed through Greenprinter, the leading sustainable printing company in California. They are carbon-neutral, use 100% recycled paper, and non-toxic soy inks--not as an option but by default!

Long Beach Farmers Market

Produce is sourced from local organic growers.

Zero Waste Store

We use a variety of products in our kitchen to reduce our waste, including reusable piping bags, silicone baking mats, and beeswax wrap

Learn more about our further Sustainability Initiatives here: 

Learn more about our Net Zero Carbon pledge, and carbon related initiatives and goals! We have very big exciting plans for this little bakery that could.

Learn more about how we are giving back to our community--locally and globally! Thanks to your purchases and donations, we are able to give back with freshly made baked goods for our local community, and monetary donations of our own through profit sharing and proceed donations for various occasions year round.