Our bakery is proud to be a carbon neutral business. We have calculated our carbon footprint with Cool Climate Calculator and found that thanks to a variety of sustainability initiatives already in place, our footprint is 53% smaller than that of comparable bakery businesses in the US. To bring us to carbon neutral business wide, we pledge to offset our footprint annually in the first quarter of every year. Follow #zimtnetzero for more!


Zimt is going Net Zero! We have used Cool Climate Calculator to figure out on a large scale what our overall footprint is when our bakery is operating at full capacity, including carbon embodied in ingredients and packaging materials we source, energy our bakery uses to operate, and miles we travel to shop and deliver our goods. Carbon embodied in shipping is treated separately, since our shipper Sendle does their own carbon offsets company wide. 


Then based on this maximum footprint of 20 tons per year, we are able to reverse calculate how much carbon is embodied in each individual box of Plätzchen based on the total number sold in this scenario, assuming our bakery is firing on all cylinders producing as much as we are able to given our business type. This comes out to about 8kg embodied carbon per box of Classic Plätzchen, Guadsle, and seasonal Plätzchen offered in 2020, and about 4 kg per package of Plätzchen for Paws and large Lebkuchen hearts. 

Carbon Offset_2020_Carbon Retirement Cea

In 2020 we generated a total footprint of 1.16 metric tons of carbon. We have rounded up to 2 tons and purchased offsets through Gold Standard, to a renewable energy and reforestation project in Ceará, Brazil. Please learn more about this offset program and Gold Standard here.


Zimt welcomes you to use these calculator tools from Cool Climate or Global Standard to find your own footprint size, and offset it if you are able. Gold Standard has many different offset programs to choose from, ranging from renewable installations, local agriculture initiatives, reforestation and biodiversity projects, various efforts to offer cleaner cooking equipment to rural communities globally, and so so much more. 

Learn more about our further Sustainability Initiatives here: 

Learn more about the companies we source our ingredients, materials, and equipment from that have the same purpose driven mission that Zimt has, to live within our means and conserve resources!

Learn more about how we are giving back to our community--locally and globally! Thanks to your purchases and donations, we are able to give back with freshly made baked goods for our local community, and monetary donations of our own through profit sharing and proceed donations for various occasions year round.