At Zimt, our mission is to do good for our planet and our community while providing you with delicious, beautiful, and ethical treats based on family recipes passed down through generations. 

We are a carbon neutral business! Our bakery footprint is about 53% smaller than comparable businesses, and seek to reduce it further wherever possible. We seek to build partnerships with likeminded businesses whenever we source equipment, ingredients, or supplies. The remaining carbon footprint we have is offset annually in the first quarter of every year and published on our sustainability page

We provide treats free of any artificial colors or preservatives, with only the best organic, local, pasture raised and fair trade ingredients. Our plant based cookies are made without palm oil, ensuring our business has minimal impact on our precious rainforests. Our products are also labeled with a sustainability label showing the embodied carbon, sourcing information, and end of life instructions for your Plätzchen's packaging.